2015-any messa

Les flors del mal. Edition of serigraphies

A collection of serigraphs has been edited on the occasion of the exhibition Messa. Palpitacions i art gandul in the MuVIM. With the title and pretext of Charles Baudelaire’s book The flowers of evil, 75 units of dimensions 39×32 cm on Canson paper of GuarroCasas have been made. Selection and translation of poems by Anacleto Ferrer and Eduard Verger. Graphic design by Pablo Mestre. Printing in Imprimint la Vall. Art direction by Artur Heras. More information: messa@messa.es

01 Les flors del mal 02 Baudelaire - Messa 03 La bellesa 04 La bellesa 05 L'aparegut 06 L'aparegut 07 La geganta 08 La geganta 09 Bohemis de viatge 10 Bohemis de viatge 11 Un fantasma III.El marc 12 Un fantasma III.El marc 13 Don Juan als inferns 14 Don Juan als inferns 15 Final 41-75