2015-any messa

Artists awarded in the 2nd Mural Painting Contest “Messa”

Joan Kilis, another artist from Albadia, who deserves a recognition. This year the 2nd Mural Painting Contest “Messa” has tributed this great artist. Organized by the city council of Albaida, the foundation Per Amor a L’Art and the cultural association “Centenari Messa”.

Congratulations to the awarded artists and the participants!

1st 1st Prize – Vincent Company van Der Spek – Place mural: Estació Nova

2nd 2nd Prize – Oscar Ripoll Chacó – Place mural: Antic institut

3rd 3rd Prize – Agustí Soler Calatayud – Place mural: Romeral

Eduard Torres Andrea Barrachina – Place mural: Eduard Torres
Fira Ruben Ripoll – Place mural: Avinguda Fira